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There weren’t any Black people in the pub to challenge your great-great-great-grandmother’s subconscious. There weren’t many Black people in the first-class queue to challenge your grandmother’s. But perhaps your logical, rational, empathetic self has caught your subconscious like a deer in headlights. Lucky you for being presented with a rare, exciting opportunity; to have mastery over your mind. My friend wants his newborn boy to live “in fairytale bliss.” What he really means is “in ignorance,” inside a bubble of privilege. But perhaps he’ll grow up in a different bubble—one in which inherited privilege isn’t to be safeguarded against perceived external threats, but exposed as a randomly dealt card that only exists by disempowering and holding back the opportunities and growth of others.

Set 2 files Whoville Mt Crumpit The Grinch Christmas

We are not campaigning for you to hand over your money, job, Upper Class flights and land, so that we, the formerly dispossessed, through generations of privilege discover that riches don’t make us happy either. Nope. Rather it’s the freeing of your minds from history we want. For you (not all of you, but definitely those currently outraged, ambivalent, or eyeballing these words with a cat-like stare) to accept that you have been socialized with good morals, bad morals, and useless old values that take form in subconscious thoughts you’ve never before addressed. And it’s not your fault. None of us signed that contract willingly. What is your responsibility, however, is how you respond to this news. Or whether you care at all.

Set 2 files Whoville Mt Crumpit The Grinch Christmas Hoodie

One of my best friends has just become a father. He’s an active ally, not for the shallowness of a retweet, but for the fight for human equality. He’s done amazing work on reconditioning his mind, and helped me recondition mine, but he’s honest with me: “Because I’m white, so is my baby—to top it off he’s a boy, in a middle-class home I worked hard to buy. And because of the cards he’s been dealt he’s public enemy number one. I want him to have a world of opportunities, too. I don’t want him to struggle.”

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