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A few weeks ago, some initial reviews for the book started rolling in—among the regular reviews, I discovered something new: Some reviewers questioned why the book was The book needs too much depiction of breastfeeding, whether this is realistic for a woman being neglected. for six-week-old infants. I turned off Twitter and the response was amazing. Pregnant women and parents always have the same story – breastfeeding is completely consuming. My experience is no exception; it happened to people all over the world. So why do we never see this? Why don’t we talk about the true cost of something that can be so beautiful but at the same time terrible? Because if we do, we’ll have to really factor in what we’re asking for, with the world we’ve created for new parents. Missing formula. Long working hours with few protections for employees. Insistence is hurtful by calling breastfeeding “free”. We’re not ready to admit how much we’ve let her down. And so it’s still a wonderful, magical bond between mother and child, something that happens every four hours on schedule and, as one Twitter user quipped, is as simple as refilling a bottle. gasoline.

Qb1 hurts shirt

Breastfeeding can be beautiful, it really can be. I did it for 19 months with my daughter, and sometimes, I even miss it. Leah Konen is the mother of a three-year-old daughter who is still as hungry as ever. Her upcoming thriller, You Should Have Told Me, is based in part on her own experiences with breastfeeding and postpartum depression and will premiere on January 3. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has emerged as a sort of folk hero since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began in earnest in February 2022, but his recent trip to the United States and appearances before the National Wednesday’s meeting was less symbolic than practical: a reminder of the very real and life-threatening situations he and his fellow Ukrainians were facing on the ground. The proof is Zelenskyy’s signature humility and humour, but these attributes do not diminish the seriousness of his message on his first foreign trip since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Below, find key moments from Zelenskyy’s visit to Washington: One might expect a visiting foreign leader to wear their best suits to one of the highest halls of power. of DC, but that was not the case for Zelenskyy, who arrived before Congress in his typical wartime outfit of an olive green sweater and trousers.

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Zelenskyy presented House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Kamala Harris with a Ukrainian flag signed by frontline soldiers, which was raised behind him for the remainder of his State of the Nation address. festival. In return, Pelosi and Harris handed Zelenskyy the American flag that flew over the Capitol on Wednesday. “Your money is not charity. It’s an investment in democracy and global security that we handle in the most responsible way,” Zelenskyy told Congress of the billions of dollars in aid they voted to provide. so far, causing a standing ovation for several minutes. Congress has broadly supported providing aid to Ukraine, but additional funds — nearly $50 billion included in an aggregate spending bill — have stalled in Congress.

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