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Infants pop up here and there in my small community. Occasionally, when one begins crying, I will stop to listen. It can take a moment to distinguish between human infant cries and kitten cries. My cats do the same, rotating an ear, or stopping to face the source of the crying, to make the same determination. My cat herd is relatively unexposed to children and infants. The cats that walk with me have no problem passing the open door of a unit that contains a crying infant. If a unit contains a screaming toddler or a barking dog, they will give it a wide berth, or choose an alternate route.

As far as being in the same room with a crying infant, they have not had to experience that particular phenomenon. They run from toddlers, but if I sit with them in my arms, and tell them “ it’s ok”, they will allow a toddler to pet them. I painted my 8′ x 10′ studio light blue and sponged fluffy “clouds” on the ceiling and the upper part of the walls. I hung feather butterflies from the fishing lines at various heights, which flutter at the slightest movement and painted the glass ceiling fixture to look like the sun. It was meant as a way for me to feel like I was outdoors in nature when I was inside painting, not specifically for the cats. But they love it. They can’t reach the butterflies, but sure enjoy watching them. Yes, they have good memories and will remember people who abused them. They remember what hurt them as well. If someone slapped them with their hand they may never let a human touch them with their hands. However, if someone is kind and gentle kitty may bond. Cats are not like dogs. Hit or kick a dog, the dog will return and lick your face. Kitty will hide and only come out of hiding to eat and do his business. So if you want a kitty to come to you. Love you and sit on your lap and purr never be mean to him. Can be hard especially when you go into the kitchen and see a kitty licking the hamburgers on the countertop. The fact is kitty doesn’t know he did anything wrong all he knows is that you hit him.

You may not be aware of a little-known fact that felines have the ability to absorb information from books and papers, and as it’s been demonstrated more recently, from keyboards connected to computers. Apparently through an ancient process involving osmosis that’s passed down from generation to generation of domestic cats, merely sitting on a source of information is sufficient to transmit that information directly to a cat’s brain. What they choose to do with it is, of course, up to them. Anecdotally, my cat sat on my physics textbook for several weeks and can now open doors. As a result, we have to lock our doors, but I suspect it’s only a matter of time before he masters that. True story. You can give the CAT exam in your final year of graduation as such candidates will be provided professional admission. But, the admissions will only get confirmed when you provide them the certificate from University as you will be provided provisional admission. Cat 2022 will take place in the member and the final selection will be done by June 2023. So, if you are sure that you will be complete in your graduation like all your exam-related stuff till the 6th semester, till June 30, 2023, then you will be eligible for the CAT entrance exam. So the thought is very clear if you are going to graduate in 2023 apply for CAT 2022. But, you need a minimum of 50% marks in your graduation if you want to be eligible for the CAT entrance exam. The pattern of the entrance exam is as follows

My first thought is the cat is either sick or suffering from some kind of dementia. But after giving a cat CATNIP, the feline may be ‘wasted’ & stare at stuff ( like when a human smokes weed ). Cats are goofy creatures, so anything goes; could be they saw a spider/Bug crawling, heard a mouse, etc., or they’re just lazy. She’ll let you if it’s enjoyable for her. Buy a rake-like instrument (it has teeth that are close together and make out of steel), when she’s at her calmest, generally mid-day, put her special treat in your palm, let her smell and get acquainted with the comb – pet her with the hand that doesn’t have the treat, slowly, while still petting her, introduce your other hand with the treat, let her smell it through your palm, still petting her, speaking in a soft tone, begin combing her with the hand with the treat, still letting her smell it, after she lets you pet her for a time, give the treat, praise her. Make sure the surroundings are calm, with no other animals or kids running around. Patience always. Repeat this at the same time every day until she understands it’s enjoyable and it’s a new part of her ‘routine’. Good luck and happy combing!

Most of them — but let’s use a classic film (adapted from a spec script written by the eventual star, Sylvester Stallone) as an example. I’ll also point out both the strengths and the weaknesses of Save the Cat! methods. On page 5 your theme has to be stated. On page 12 you need to have your catalyst moment presented. Your break into Act II is required to be on page 25. Your midpoint has to be on page 55. Your all is lost moment must always be on page 75. And then your final “image” has to be on page 110. Right? Not according to Rocky, and most other successful screenplays. In a world and industry always in search of quick solutions and easy formulas to follow for success, we often forget what really drives us to greatness — truth, heart, and instinct — three elements that can be found throughout the Rocky screenplay. In the context of screenwriting, those elements have been seemingly replaced by the notion that secret formulas can make up for that. They can’t.


Because they’re nervous or frightened. Siameses are very sensitive cats, and a show or being in a shelter generally freaks them out. They also hate being confined, except in the arms of their favorite person. that’s a lot of competition right there. Lol. Every artist is very dominant and specific when it comes to their artistry. I don’t even see that fictitious group ever happening. Plus several dozen papers reported culturing of the virus. Several dozen papers describing animal models – and multiple species – recapitulating the disease. And multiple double-blind randomized trials showing the efficacy of spike-directed vaccines. If someone tries to convince you that COVID is not a viral disease caused by SARS-CoV-2, they are either dishonest or lack the requisite understanding of biology to understand they are parroting dishonesty.