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The hope here is that the American people will not vote for someone like this. That the American people will be wise and reject such an awful person to be POTUS. But with the way things are going, especially with the rampant propaganda that churns out lies to effectively trick a good chunk of American voters, I don’t know if we can be so sure that this won’t happen. Trump, the convicted felon, could possibly be POTUS again. And that would lead us to really weird territory that has to be settled in the courts. Especially since logistically having a U.S. President running the country in prison is, well, very weird. There’s also a slew of regulations that require the U.S. President to not be a convicted felon, especially with security clearances required to read top-level government secrets.

He did not “admit” that the Russian collusion story was a hoax – and it was not. He said the Steele dossier was a hoax. The actual Trump-Russia story is more complex. By the way, the columnist is wrong. The dossier was not a hoax, it was sloppy and apparently, the person who assembled the data did not have the tools to sort fact from fiction. But.. this was political oppo research at its heart – so always sloppy. He did say he did not realize that Trump’s voters were reacting to something that he did not understand. I would guess that if he attended a Trump rally today, he would still be appalled. Trump’s behavior is “driving the current moves against Trump”. The best way to not b investigated for criminal behavior… is to not engage in criminal behavior….

MAGNETS have religion and politics mixed up as if they were one thing. It is not the government’s job to save us from our sins, That’s God’s job. The government’s job is to preserve and save our nation by laws and structure that allow us to live together in relative peace, if not harmony. Religion is about following our personal image of perfection. Political is about minimizing the evil of imposing my personal perfection on others. We live under a Constitution that recognizes a difference between religious and political freedom. MAGNETS want that line dissolved. MAGNETS seem unable to recognize the words of the Bible. We should not, as a political nation, be “rendering to God what is Caesar’s, and to Caesar, what is God’s” It’s one of the most truthful things he ever said. The GOP has admitted many times, and the statistics show that they can only ever achieve government with the help of gerrymandering, voter suppression, hypocritical SCOTUS maneuvers, and flailing fictitious accusations of voter fraud. It is a sad fact about American democracy that, for all its ideals, much of that democracy destroying infrastructure has already been put in place.

Because Dereliction of Duty is a military charge. There is no civilian charge of Dereliction of Duty. Inciting a riot, obstruction of justice, and Seditious Conspiracy, among others, will send him to prison. He called them to the capital. He was told they were armed, yet he insisted the metal detectors (mags) be taken down. Knowing they were armed he sent them to the capital. He further incited the crowd by tweeting about how Pence was a coward. Then he sat watching the insurrection unfold and did absolutely nothing, including refusing to take a call from the Pentagon. When his closest advisors, his family, his propaganda buddies at Fox, his Chief of Staff, and his WH Legal Council begged repeatedly for him to call it off, he refused, instead reveling in the destruction. When, after 3 hours of doing nothing to quell the danger he taped a short video telling the rioters he “loved” them and that they were “special”. He continues to spew his bs to this day. Just last week he called the Republican Party leader in Wisconsin and again asked him to find a way to decertify his loss.  He’s a low-IQ narcissist who manipulated people into believing him. Forget prison. He should be exiled. the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government “they were convicted of treason”. To date, there is no evidence that Trump tried to overthrow the government. Yes, there may have been talking about what they could do, but there is no evidence that any actions occurred.

There was an attack on the Capitol Building. True, but Trump, and others, had been informed that trouble might occur. He offered the National Guard to those in charge of Capitol security (Pelosi and D.C. mayor), which he is required by law to do, and they refused at least 6 times (Capitol Police Chief). If Trump was going to overthrow the government, why would he arrange to have the National Guard there to protect what would be overthrown? In addition, pay attention to what he told the people at the rally: “peaceably and patriotically let your VOICES be heard.” That is far from “throw the bums put”. Currently, neither of them are. The past is, of course, different but difficult to compare. As President, Mr. Trump was an open book, all the more so because of his constant tweets. Also, as President of the US, which is a military and economic giant, even his small moves can be impactful and of course his big moves more so. Some of the big ones were diminishing the importance of NATO, dropping out of the Paris Climate Agreement, canceling the Iran nuclear agreement, and placing tariffs on China. With the war in Ukraine, we now better realize the importance of NATO. With the record heat, wildfires, and flooding, it may be time to give climate agreements another look. Before Trump, we had a deal with Iran that some said was flawed but now we have nothing, not even inspectors. Lastly, tariffs on China make goods more expensive and drive up inflation. So, have to give the Threat-to-US prize to Mr. Trump.


The Secret Service has long kept the president’s secrets. Do you think the detail didn’t know Reagan was suffering from Alzheimer’s? Or how did Hillary react to Bill’s indiscretions? These 2 don’t want to be the first two to break that tradition. Regardless of their political views. And to that, there is a chance that one or both are Trump supporters. Or were. Then there is the problem of operational security. The Service is probably very reluctant to discuss, on the record, the policy that caused the agents to refuse to take Trump to the Capitol. This is the classic chain of command problem. Finally, one or both had knowledge, either because they were part of the plan or they overheard something, of what was really going on. Oh no another Clinton supporter who hates half the country… Notice every time Democrats have tried some shenanigans against Trump, they have LOST. The 1/6 committee is no different than the other attempts. If you don’t like Trump, fine then don’t vote for him. Start a voting drive and get a coalition together to vote against him. Letting him live in your head years after he left the White House is your problem, not Trump’s. To be honest with you, I don’t see Trump running again, so let it go.